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Coping with unwanted gifts

In a nutshell – It’s horrible to feel ungrateful for gifts but sometimes they are just not what we want. Here are some ideas for coping and stopping it happening. …

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5 Days of Kitchen Decluttering

In by Lisa Cole3 Comments

No need to get stressed out about kitchen clutter.

In 5 Days of Kitchen Decluttering you will be gently guided through 5 different clutter hot spots and learn how to keep control easily.


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Meal planning when you hate plans

In a nutshell: Meal planning saves money and wasted food but can feel restrictive. Planning loosely around the main element of the meal is an easy solution. I’ve avoided meal …

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Less stuff, more Ikea Lagom

Disclaimer – Ikea have bought me with the lure of £300 worth of goodies if I blog about their Live Lagom project. No problem there! Lagom comes from the Swedish …

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About less stuff

Why less-stuff? When I was little we moved every three years. By the time I left home and moved to my own place I had boxes of belongings, untouched for …