This free printable A4 poster is a Recluttering Checklist and it will help you consider if you really want something or not.

It’s easy to get into the pattern of shopping just for the sake of it and out of habit. Here are some strategies to stop that shopping pattern.

1) Avoid

Do not go to danger zones. Stay away from charity shops, car boot sales, junk shops and book shops. What are your shopping triggers? Do you have coffee in a bookshop then end up buying a book? Simply avoid the places where you are likely to spend money. Go somewhere where there are no shops.

2) Damage limitation

Have an allowance, let yourself spend £x a week on something you don’t need, no more. If you really need the fun of shopping for something try just doing it once a week, on a limited budget. Take £5 out on a Saturday to do what you want with as a reward for not spending on useless things for the rest of the week.

3) One in one out

If you get a new book, get rid of an old one. New shoes? Take the old ones to a charity shop. The one in-one out rule really does make a difference to clutter mounting up.

4) 5 Things

Keep on top of it all by just ditching 5 things every now and then. It will make a difference. Follow one of the many decluttering prompts and guides on less-stuff. They only take 5 minutes!

5) Lists

Write a shopping list and stick to it, even if staplers are reduced to 20p you really do not need more than one in your life. You don’t need 20 bottles of washing up liquid because they are buy one get one free either.

6) Buy Nothing

Once a week have a buy nothing day.  You can plan around  it. Take a packed lunch to work or make sure you don’t need to go shopping for food.

7) Leave it behind

Don’t leave the house with any money unless you know you really need something. Don’t take a credit or debit card either.

8) Take a friend

And get them to police your recluttering.

If all this fails ask yourself the following questions when tempted:

  • Will I really use it?
  • Does it fit me?
  • Does it need fixing?
  • Do I love it?
  • Does it make me feel amazing?
  • Do I only want it because it is a bargain?
  • Have I already got one?
  • How long did it take me to earn the money to pay for it?
Lisa Cole

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