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January 2018 – life audit

This is more for me than anyone else, it is just a list of what I’m working on this month, what I’m enjoying, what is working and what needs work. …

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Winning at Winter Workbook

In by Lisa Cole5 Comments

Winning at Winter is full of little ideas that will help you make winter much easier.

33 page PDF with 11 printable checklists and worksheets. Including a full upcycling tutorial, recipes, ideas for saving money and gentle decluttering tips.

The long winter months can drag on. There is a flurry of activity for Christmas that can leave you feeling flat afterwards.  You might make and break new years resolutions and February sometimes feels pretty bleak.

I’ve teamed up with upcycling expert Vicky Myers and the brilliant Claire Lyons who is the frugal family expert. Between us we have come up with a solution to make winter fun, frugal and environmentally friendly too. It is a workbook full of things you can do to make four winter weeks much better.

We have collaborated and written a book with daily themes and a blank calendar to fill in with daily actions. Each daily theme has a list of actionable ideas for you to try. Each action will help you make a small difference to your life and the world.

You can pick activities you are interested in because you want to do them, not because you think you should. As long as you give some of these things a go, we can guarantee you that at the end of 4 weeks you will have made a difference to your life and been kinder to the planet.

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Less-stuff has been nominated by Kekoas Korner for The Sunshine Blogger Award! It is a way of sharing websites that have happy content from around the world. The Sunshine Blogger …

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5 Easy Zero Waste Life Hacks

This quick list has some ideas for making zero waste part of life. There are all easy, minor hassle options that can save you money too. Save stale bread I …

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Coping with unwanted gifts

In a nutshell – It’s horrible to feel ungrateful for gifts but sometimes they are just not what we want. Here are some ideas for coping and stopping it happening. …

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5 Days of Kitchen Decluttering

In by Lisa Cole3 Comments

No need to get stressed out about kitchen clutter.

In 5 Days of Kitchen Decluttering you will be gently guided through 5 different clutter hot spots and learn how to keep control easily.