Winning at Winter Workbook Printed Paperback


Winning at Winter is full of little ideas that will help you make winter much easier.

Including a full upcycling tutorial, recipes, ideas for saving money and gentle decluttering tips.

The long winter months can drag on. There is a flurry of activity for Christmas that can leave you feeling flat afterwards.  You might make and break new years resolutions and February sometimes feels pretty bleak.

I’ve teamed up with upcycling expert Vicky Myers and the brilliant Claire Lyons who is the frugal family expert. Between us we have come up with a solution to make winter fun, frugal and environmentally friendly too. It is a workbook full of things you can do to make four winter weeks much better.

We have collaborated and written a book with daily themes and a blank calendar to fill in with daily actions. Each daily theme has a list of actionable ideas for you to try. Each action will help you make a small difference to your life and the world.

You can pick activities you are interested in because you want to do them, not because you think you should. As long as you give some of these things a go, we can guarantee you that at the end of 4 weeks you will have made a difference to your life and been kinder to the planet.

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Make do Monday

Save some money and make do with what you have.

We have tried to make the activities and actions in this book possible with what you have around the house so you shouldn’t need any special ingredients or materials. Make do Monday has recipes for using household ingredients as cleaning products. Instructions for easy things to mend and some great ideas for leftover food will help you start the week in a productive, money saving manner.

Throw it Tuesday

Recycle or donate something you no longer need, want or like.

Winning at Winter won’t encourage you to overhaul or pull everything out of cupboards. Just getting rid of a few things daily will really mount up.

Waste Free Wednesday

Try a different way to reduce your waste.

Waste Free Wednesday has easy ways to avoid excess packaging and some great recipes for seasonal veg. Wasting food = wasting money and we will help you save it instead.

Thrifty Thursday

Use one of the money-saving strategies to make life more frugal.

There is never a bad time to look after your money – here is a selection of ideas that should be useful to do now, to save money while still remaining environmentally conscious.

Feel Good Friday

Be nice to yourself!

The winter months can be very difficult for many people, and looking after ourselves is especially important. In this theme we offer a range of ways you can support your mental, physical and emotional health to feel good.

The Weekend

Celebrate small achievements as well as big ones with one of the ideas for rewarding weekend activities.