Sustainable Summer Printed Paperback Workbook


Enjoy the Summer with a planet friendly idea for every day!

Do you want to live more sustainably but don’t know where to start?

Would you like a whole summers worth of easy, planet friendly ideas to try?

Sustainable Summer has 42 eco-friendly, planet saving worksheets. Try one, try them all, find one that sticks and you are on your way to a Sustainable Summer with this Workbook.

Make it easy with little changes

Enjoy, Create, Save and Share!

This workbook has 42 different ideas, activities, tutorials and recipes to last you the whole summer.

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Written in collaboration with Claire Lyons from The Frugal Family so you get double the ideas!

Why we need this book

We have both been moving towards a more eco friendly lifestyle for a while now, and we know how daunting it can be.  If you are wondering “Where should I start?” or “Can I afford it?” or “Is it going to be time consuming and difficult?” this is the solution for you. We have chosen things you can do that take very little planning or materials, with minimal cost that will take you a step nearer sustainability.

Because plastic is one of the hardest things to cut out of life this book comes with a tracker to help you notice what you might want to change and a list of alternatives for day to day plastic.

You will find space to write your own plan for the future and a worksheet for each of these things to do. They are suitable for everyone though some are more child friendly than others:

What is in the book?

Here are just some of the ideas and activities in Sustainable Summer.

  • Make an eco brick and monitor your plastic use
  • Turn a t-shirt into a no sew bag
  • Make deodorant that really works from household ingredients
  • Make a bath fizzy for a relaxing soak
  • Grow salad in a self watering plant pot you can make yourself
  • Make tasty oat milk
  • Make wax wraps to use instead of clingfilm
  • Tricks and tips to stop junk mail
  • Make delicious no knead bread
  • Try some local food
  • Give Edible Presents
  • Have a screen Free Day
  • Make a Bug House

None of these activities need specialised equipment or lots of time to do.