5 Days of Easy Decluttering! Start here

Find a box to put clutter in


Plan to get rid of it

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Plan a reward

  • Every day for 5 days put 5 useless things in the box.
  • Doing it slowly will mean you won't get overwhelmed or make mistakes.
  • Just get rid of things you are sure about.
  • Here are some ideas and there are more in the Random Decluttering Generator

Don't forget to reward yourself for decluttering. There is a list of mostly free, clutter free ideas here.


Remember to look after yourself and use these tactics to stop buying more crap you don't need and won't use.

If you like any of the ideas in this site please share them.

Winning at Winter Workbook is now in print! Or you can download a PDF here.


  • cold-weather-clothes-declut

    Decluttering cold weather clothes 

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  • Plastic Free July Week 4 What is in the bin?

    Plastic Free July Week 4 – What is in the bin? #pfjuk 

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Winter is coming and Countdown to Cosy is a series of daily posts that will help you get ready for colder weather, save money, look after yourself and stay sustainable.  Countdown to Cosy is a collaboration with The Frugal Family

Live LAGOM! In Sweden “Lagom är bast” means “the right amount is best”

I've been part of the IKEA Live LAGOM community for a few years and it has changed my life for the better.  Click here to read about how I made little changes to live more comfortably, save money and help the planet.

Read the Live LAGOM brochure for more inspiring ideas. (I'm on page 40!)

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