Spring into Action Printed Paperback Workbook


Spring into Action is full of little ideas that will help you get organised, well rested and happier this springtime.

Paperback with  checklists and worksheets. Including a full upcycling tutorial, seasonal recipes, easy spring cleaning made fun and loads of tips and tricks to get you sleeping better and drinking more water.

I’ve teamed up with upcycling expert Vicky Myers and the brilliant Claire Lyons who is the frugal family expert. Between us we have come up with a solution to make spring fun, frugal and environmentally friendly too.  Candida Mum has helped with her expertise on sleep and hydration.

Spring into Action is full of things you can do in four weeks to get organised and healthier this springtime.

What a perfect time of year to create a fresh plan, or to refresh a current goal. With the better weather and lots more variety in food available this book will give you a starting point to make significant change. Our main focus is on self care and looking after your physical and mental wellbeing – but doing so in harmony with the environment and without costing a lot of money.

Spring is a time for renewal, looking forward and clearing out, so we have ideas and activities to support this process. There should be something for everyone.

It may be a good opportunity to poke your toes out of your comfort zone and give something new a try… or not – you’re the boss.


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These four weeks give you a chance to try something new. Pick activities you are interested in because you want to do them, not because you think you should.

You might find something you love doing, you might find some of the ideas don’t work well for you.

As long as you give some of these things a go, we can guarantee you that at the end of the 4 weeks you will have made a difference to your life and been kinder to the planet.

Week One

The focus here is on improving sleep quality and drinking enough fluids-both essential for keeping healthy. Full of hints and tips, as well as a record to keep track.

Colour in the vases to track your water intake

Week Two

Here you can tackle the dreaded Spring Clean, with a more gentle and considered approach – it may even be fun!

Spring cleaning games and natural cleaning recipes

Week Three

Packed full of ideas for growing and using seasonal produce to increase your vitality and vitamins. No need for a garden or even a window for some of them.

Try a bit of foraging or a new recipe for seasonal veg.

Week Four

Focus on looking after your physical and mental well-being with a range of ideas for healthy living, with the same practical approach and realistic options.

Relax with some doodling and make a useful upcycled bag.