Menu Planner – no more food waste Paperback


No more food waste Menu Planner:

A years worth of food audit pages with quick menu planners each week. Recipe templates at the end of the book.

This little book will help you reduce your food waste, save money and eat more healthily. Planning ahead helps with all these things.

  • Left hand pages have a handy reminder to check your fridge, freezer, cupboards and shelves for food that needs using up.
  • Right hand pages are set out for you to plan your meals for the week.
  • The back of the book has space for you to write down any recipes you love, including wine pairings if that is your thing.
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  • 6 inches wide x 9 inches tall
  • Printed with chlorine-free ink onto acid-free paper.
  • The creamy interior is made from 30% post-consumer waste recycled material.
  • Paper stock is supplied by a Forest Stewardship Council-certified provider.
  • Perfect for biros and pencils. Sharpies may bleed through paper.