The Elephants in the Room – how to cope when you are overwhelmed with clutter Paperback


Starting to declutter can be daunting. There is no need to be overwhelmed with clutter though. Learn how to declutter in an easy and manageable way with The Elephants in the Room. This book will hold your hand and walk you through the process.

It is decluttering with a difference, aimed at real people who love stuff. There is no encouragement to tip out whole cupboards and it is not at all ruthless.

The Elephants in the Room starts with good concrete decluttering strategies. You will learn how to choose the best time to declutter. You will find out how to make it easy to get rid of thousands of things you do not need. You will know how to declutter without getting stressed out or overwhelmed.

This book is for anyone who looks around their home and despairs at the amount of stuff in it.

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In The Elephants in the Room you will learn:

  • Why decluttering gently works better than overhauling and purging
  • How to make decluttering easy for yourself
  • How to make decluttering a habit instead of a chore
  • How to find the best time to declutter
  • How to find places and ways to get rid of things ranging from easy to hard
  • How to avoid recluttering with more stuff

You will get:

  • Reassuring strategies to help you through the worst of the overwhelm
  • Detailed instructions that guide you through 5 days of decluttering different areas of your home
  • Clear strategies to help you avoid getting buying new stuff and recluttering
  • A bonus guide to help you control clutter in small containers


  • Chapter 1 – Take it slowly    
  • Chapter 2 – Bad times to declutter    
  • Chapter 3 – Make it easy for yourself    
  • Chapter 4 – Make a start    
  • Chapter 5 – How to get rid of things    
  • Chapter 6 – Reward yourself for decluttering    
  • Chapter 7 – If you get stuck    
  • Chapter 8 – Stop getting more stuff    
  • Chapter 9 – Getting help from friends    
  • Day 1 – Declutter the small stuff first   
  • Day 2 – Get rid of things you will never finish    
  • Day 3 – Declutter a kitchen drawer   
  • Day 4 – Stuff that will ‘come in handy one day’    
  • Day 5 – Decluttering shelves in 5 minutes   
  • Bonus – Control clutter in small containers    
  • You can do it!    
  • Checklists    
  • Re-cluttering checklist