How You Can Add Style To Your Home Without Adding Clutter

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At home these days, most of are striving for a house that feels spacious and completely lacking in clutter. If you’ve managed to declutter your space, that’s great. But for many of us, completely bare and minimalist spaces don’t really work – we need a little more decor to make our homes pleasing to the eye. But how exactly do you do that without adding clutter back into your home? Here are a few tips…

Go For High Shelving

Somehow if you use shelving, everything seems to be less cluttered. If you want to display your favourite ornaments, books and photographs, don’t put them out on surfaces – instead install high shelving at eye level and place them on there. Not only will they stand out and be more remarkable to visitors, but they won’t get in the way like they would if you put them elsewhere, and they’re certainly less likely to get broken.


Add Mirrors

One of the best ways to make your home feel larger and more spacious is to add mirrors. If you like a plainer vibe, go to a thin black frame, but if you really want to amp up the mirror and make it a centrepiece of the room then why not go for a thick golden frame like an old-fashioned portrait? It makes a statement while keeping the room spacious and not making it dark the way that a piece of art in the same place might do. Mirrors reflect light, meaning that your space will seem brighter and bigger, and they’re also practical and useful.


Try Statement Furniture

If you want to demonstrate your style without cluttering up your home with a thousand accessories, then your best move is to purchase some statement furniture. One big and impressive couch is much better than two non-descript smaller ones at awkward angles to each other. Your statement furniture is where you can add a splash of colour in each room and really see yourself reflected in your home: they’re items that you can keep forever as you move from home to home.


Try Out Rugs

Rugs are one of the best ways of adding a little style to your home – and a little warmth to bare floors so that your feet don’t get frozen over winter. If your kitchen is white and bare and minimalist, kitchen rugs can do wonders to improve the situation with a splash of colour. Just make sure that you attach the corners and edges of the rug firmly to the floor so you don’t end up tripping over it. Rugs are an excellent way to add some colour to each room – if you find a rug that you love, you can use it to inspire the rest of your colour scheme.


What About Plants?

Plants are the perfect way to add style without clutter. They have an instantly cool and relaxed vibe: a fern in the corner of a room will add colour and texture without being overpowering, and you can also hang baskets from the ceiling so you don’t clutter up surfaces with pots.

You can still have a home that represents you without clutter – just follow these tips and you’ll have the place of your dreams.