How To Buy Second Hand Technology

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The technology business is enormous. It is constantly innovating, and we are bombarded with new versions of things that we have had in the past. The next version will have added features that are designed to make life easier for you, however, very often, all they do is create more tech clutter for you to worry about.

And then there is the cost of buying these items. Keeping on trend is a costly game. But for those that do purchase everything exciting that hits the market, then they are often left with old unused items that they don’t need any more.

Getting technology second-hand is one of the best ways to buy it. Whenever you look at getting a replacement item within your home, you should ask yourself if there are benefits to buying second hand.

Second-Hand Smartphones

One of the fastest moving industries is the mobile phone market. The business model that drives the industry requires that everyone changes their expensive, feature-laden smartphones at least every other year. Maybe more frequently if they can persuade you too.

But before you fall for the latest piece of tech industry marketing, ask yourself what benefit the most recent model has to your life. For over ten years, phones have all had similar features. They just increase in screen size, battery life, and memory.

Think about getting an older model next time you need a new phone. As long as the battery is in good condition, you may be able to do all of the basic functions that you want from your phone such as making calls, using social media, and taking photos.


With TVs continually having more and more features getting added to them all of the time, it’s no wonder people feel as though they have to upgrade all of the time. But you don’t need to have a 4K smart TV to watch your favourite shows. With that in mind, if you need a new TV these days, getting a second hand one has never been easier as many people seem to replace their TVs very frequently.

As long as you can plug in Freeview aerials and HDMI leads you should be able to enjoy everything that everyone else is while paying a fraction of the price. Most TVs that have been HD for at least the last decade, so the chances are that buying second hand will give you a clear picture anyway. What more do you need?


Buying a second-hand laptop may be more of a complicated matter. There are several areas that a computer can deteriorate over time. However, a very good option would be to look for a reconditioned unit that has been worked on by a technician.

You will generally get a fresh installation meaning that you won’t have to worry about other people’s information still being on there. And if parts needed to be switched out, then they would have already been done to keep your new laptop going for much longer.