Decluttering Haiku for World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is on the 21st March and last year, in the less-stuff Facebook group we had a play around with decluttering Haiku.

Haiku is supposed to be 5 syllables, then 7, then 5. One of these has a syllable missing but it is so beautiful I’m calling that a syllable decluttered.

These are mine

I never used it
Although it was a bargain
It became clutter

A home filled with stuff
And I can’t find anything
Time to declutter

So nice in the shop
In reality useless
Declutter it now

Thea came up with

I bought 3 for 2
But I only needed one


Clutter, all I see
But the Less Stuff group helps me
So I do not flee!

Jenny had

If you love it, no
need to let it go, if not
release for others

Anna wrote

I loved it until
I owned it
And then it became
As nothing

Yoko thought out of the box

and wrote a song that can be sung to the tune of Frozen’s Let it Go…
Let it go, Let it go, More clutter has been gone! I don’t care what they are going to say, I like sorting stuff…. Less Stuff doesn’t bother me anyway!”

and Angela wrote

Though I still love you
Off to the charity shop
To be born again