Your Kitchen Is Cluttered With Pointless Junk. Time To Streamline!

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Despite the cabinets on every wall, kitchens never seem to have sufficient storage space. For most homeowners, stuff is overflowing everywhere, and you never seem to be able to keep the place tidy.

Worse still, you probably only use 20 per cent of the items in your kitchen. The rest of it is taking up space pointlessly. You never use it.

Now imagine how much better your life would be if you got rid of all the junk and replaced it with kitchen accessories that add value to your life. All of a sudden, you’d be able to find everything you want without having to wade through mountains of unwanted items.

In this article, we’re going to look at the pointless junk that clutters your kitchen. Prepare to giggle as you discover that you’re just as much a victim of junk as everyone else.

Unopened Mail

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While mail doesn’t necessarily accumulate in the kitchen, it does in many households. Magazines, leaflets and bills can all soon mount up, taking up precious drawer space.

Here’s a pro-tip: where possible opt out of physical magazine subscriptions. If you like magazine experiences, sign up for digital versions instead.

Corks And Bottle Tops

When you think about it, there is no reason whatsoever to hold onto corks and bottle tops. But if you’re a bit of a hoarder, it can be hard to resist. There’s something about corks and bottle tops that you just can’t let go.

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The best approach here is to find a specialist recycler in your area who take all your bottle-related waste and reuse it. Knowing that you can recycle it provides you with an incentive to dispose of it, and help the environment to boot.

Rubber Bands

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You never know when a rubber band might come in handy – at least, that’s why you tell yourself. Unfortunately, the rate at which you accumulate rubber bands always seems to exceed the speed at which you use them. Eventually, you end up with a massive heap of rubberized mess that looks like a pile of worms in your drawers, catching on everything as you try to remove it.

Random Storage Containers

Just like with rubber bands, you never know when you might want to use a plastic storage container for freezing leftovers or packing a picnic. Unfortunately, (unless you have a system in operation), finding a good use for your storage containers is a challenge. Often, they just sit in your cupboards for months at a time, taking up space.

If you can’t bring yourself to live without storage containers entirely, at least renew your set and buy something that stacks like Russian dolls. The last thing you want is odds and ends cluttering up your precious cupboard space and wrecking your kitchen.

Reuseable Shopping Bags

If you’re like most people, you don’t just have one bag for life; you have many, all stuffed in the corner somewhere, looking decidedly terrible. The reason? You sometimes forget to take your bag to the store.

Here’s a pro tip: instead of leaving your reusable bags in the kitchen, put a couple in the car. Then, when you get to the store, you won’t forget.