Not Your Run Of The Mill Bathroom Style

Image by joe137 from Pixabay

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Do you see your bathroom as one of utility or one of style? Most modern homes won’t give you a choice, it’s the former and that’s it. Injecting style into your bathroom is a lot harder than anywhere else in the home. The reason being, the bathroom goes through a lot of punishing changes. It gets really hot quickly and then really cold during the night. It uses many hard materials that protect the surface of the walls from condensation. This makes the bathroom rigid and lifeless, it doesn’t seem to have a stylistic soul like the other rooms. If you’re going to add style, you must go all the way. A few little touches here and there won’t drown out the blandness of modern bathrooms.

The main material

No matter what kind of materials you use, there will be a dominating factor from one of them. The walls will have the largest impact on the overall style, thus you need to consider what kind of tiles or wallpaper you’re going to use. Ceramic, clay, terracotta, vinyl or glass, these are the main options for tiles. If you would like a wallpaper for your bathroom, it must be made using a cotton or silk mix. Regular wallpapers will peel from the steam and cold contraction. Will you be using a mosaic style or will you be going for a more common square line pattern? A chequered tile style goes well with black and white tiles. However, be careful not to inject colours that won’t go well with white as this is the main colour for bathtubs and sinks. Grey tiles will be too bland, while yellow will be bright on bright. A navy blue or beige will be more balanced.

Capture the atmosphere

Active styling is very direct, but if you want to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind what your bathroom is about, then use These wall art stickers are completely personalised. You can design them however you wish. If you would like your bathroom to be a little feminine, swimming swans or birds bathing in a bath bowl would be a great drawn design to place on the walls. If you want it to be more family-friendly, then babies blowing bubbles or perhaps baby angels can be stood around on the walls, using a back scrubber or holding a bar of soap. Great creative, create any kind of design you want. But remember that it must fit in with the rest of the room.

Naturally more welcoming

One of the worst things about a modern bathroom is, how cold the tiled floors are. If you get up during the night, barefoot, to go to the bathroom, you will feel bitter cold under your feet. It’s far more welcoming to use natural materials like wood. Hardwood bathroom floors must be made from yew. It’s the most flexible thus it won’t become brittle from steam and heat.

Take more pride in your bathroom and try to make it stylish just as much as it is practical. Start with ceramic tiles, figure out a pattern and colour you want, so the walls reflect your style.