What Areas In A Home Are Clutter-Hotspots?

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Whether you’re trying to live a minimalist household, cut down on buying things you don’t need or just want a tidy house, it can be hard to keep on top of clutter in your home. Clutter quickly piles up when you’re not actively fighting it, so it’s important to know where in your home clutter is building up.

Which is why we’ve put together this handy guide, looking at areas of the home where clutter quickly and commonly piles up, so that you can focus on keeping these areas clutter free!

Coffee & Side Tables

No matter where they are in your home, tables almost always end up being clutter magnets, because they’re the ideal location for clutter to build up. As coffee tables and side tables are usually in a convenient area to put things down, that’s often where clutter ends up hanging out as we put items down and promptly forget about them until they’ve built up.

Luckily though, de-cluttering a table is always relatively easy, all you need to do is remove the clutter and sort it into items that’re getting binned like junk mail & old magazines, and into items that need to be stored like books, bills and empty coffee mugs.

To take it a step further, you can make clutter prevention easier in table areas, by using tables with built in storage solutions.


Windowsills are another area that clutter loves to build up on, if you have your hands full, window sills are always an easy area to place things down. But when you let items build up on your windowsill, it can become clutter quickly as there’s not a lot of free room on a window sill.

In an ideal world, the only thing that should be on your windowsill is your made to measure blinds and maybe a small décor item. So just make sure that you quickly take away any clutter that builds up on your windowsills and maybe add some storage or a small bin nearby windowsills that often get cluttered so that you can easily deal with it.

Kitchen Worktops

Kitchens have a lot of flat surfaces that clutter loves to pile up on. If you have a busy life and use your kitchen multiple times a day for preparing food and eating, then the clutter will only pile up quicker, as empty plates, used butter knifes and pans stack up on your side.

While this may not be what you want to hear, the best way to combat a cluttered kitchen is by keeping on top of your chores. By making sure dirty-plates end up in the dishwasher and clean plates end up in the cupboards is the best way to keep your work surfaces from getting cluttered.

Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks are another prime area for clutter to build up, especially if you have a comprehensive skin care or hair styling routine. When you have lots of beauty and style products you use, it’s incredibly easy to leave them on the sink until there’s hardly any room to turn the tap on.

The solution for dealing with this bathroom clutter, again comes down to good housekeeping. While it may be tempting to leave your bottles and tubs on the side of the sink, it is important that you make sure everything is properly stored once you’ve used it, in order to keep a clean bathroom.