Smart Storage Tips To Reduce Clutter

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So, you’ve gone through all the decluttering tips you can find to create space in your home, but there are still so many things left that require proper storage. What do you do? Well, decluttering is only part of the solution, and proper storage is the other part. It’s almost impossible to achieve your decluttering goals if you don’t have effective storage. Sometimes, what may look like clutter could only be a need for more efficient storage. So, here are some smart storage tips you can use to eliminate clutter. 

Consider your outdoor space

If there isn’t enough space indoors to store some items, you can create storage options outdoors. You can find secure locations outdoors to store items from your patio to your shed. You can store things like footballs, yard equipment, and bicycles in such locations. In your patio, for example, you can use compact cabinets and multipurpose benches with storage spaces to store items. The only issue with outdoor storage may be the exposure to natural elements. So you can invest in shades and covers where you need them. If you’re storing in your patio, you can invest in a patio cover with a door to offer security. You may also want to add patio door blinds to keep your stored items from prying eyes. 

Create unconventional storage spaces

Your kitchen, bedroom, and living room may already have storage options. However, you can create unconventional additions that will increase the storage space without affecting the layout or design of your interior space. In your kitchen, for example, you can create an appliance garage or closet to keep appliances away from countertops. You can even take a step further and equip your appliance garage with outlets, rollout platforms, and mixer lifts, depending on your unique kitchen needs. Other options include fixing a drawer inside the trash drawer, creating under-sink storage, and building skinny drawers. You can also create toe-kick storage near the ground under furniture pieces to store pet water and food bowls. 

Invest in dual-purpose furniture

Dual or multipurpose furniture pieces are excellent solutions to storage problems, especially for small spaces. Of course, the most obvious is a bed with pull-out drawers underneath. But you can also find several other multipurpose furniture items that offer unique storage spaces. For example, you can invest in ottomans with storage spaces to store games, blankets, and others. You can also find coffee tables, nightstands, and side tables with usable storage spaces. 

Store in places that make sense

Efficient storage should offer two main solutions. First, it should provide a secure place to keep items out of the way. Secondly, it should make it easy to find the stored items and retrieve them when needed. It makes little sense to store items in locations that are difficult to remember, as you may end up tearing your home apart to find something you stored. It’s best to store in places that make sense and are easy to remember, to avoid this problem. For example, it makes sense to store bathing products in a storage space in the bathroom.