Simple Tips To Take Your Living Room Space To The Next Level

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Everyone loves spending quality time in the living room. Therefore, you should invest your energy and money to tailor the area to your specifications and preferences. Interestingly, this process tends to differ with different people because it often relates to taste rather than standards and rules set by others. Nevertheless, there are underlying tips to, without a doubt, make your space admirable. 

Basically, your living room is the centrepiece of the entire house, so it should be relaxing and welcoming. From the TV setup to the sofa style and colour, here is how to take your space to the next level.

Furniture Placement

Where you place your furniture or accessories matters a lot; thus, it’s good to place them at the centre rather than in the peripheries. Most people put their sofa close to the corner of the room, which isn’t very pleasing.

Choosing the centre of the room allows room for air circulation, which makes the living room a focal point hence taking your space to the next level. Also, you can go for a symmetrical kind of arrangement. Such a setting encourages social interaction between larger groups.

Clear Organization

Many people say that they can’t focus in a cluttered space. Well, that is because everyone loves a well-organized and designed area. But, on the other hand, rooms filled with clutter can be tiring, and nobody wants to spend time there.

Categorizing your living room, including minimizing the things you pack in a particular area, provides a better experience and more visual perception of your surroundings.

Customize Your Shelving

A shelf, be it on the wall or a stand-alone, showcases a design statement. Having floor-to-ceiling shelving brings out the beauty of the space, plus it makes even tiny living rooms look more prominent. In addition, the shelf should be one piece and perfectly fitting, which makes the area less cluttered than multiple small pieces would.

Even better, go for a mixture of open shelves and closed cabinets so that you can keep items that aren’t used regularly on closed doors. If it’s a stand-alone shelf, anchor it to the wall for safety.

Hang Low Pendant

Hanging your pendant light low over the coffee table brings warmth and a convivial environment to your living space. You should switch from your typical floor lamps and flush mount ceiling lighting to oversize pendant lights.

However, if you frequently rearrange your living room, a very low-hanging pendant might not be your best option. Consider trying it; it might work well with your space.

Do a Makeover on Your Old Couch

Instead of spending a lot of money on a new couch, give your old couch a makeover. Design slipcovers for the sofa, or you can check with the manufacturer to see if they make any slipcovers. Alternatively, you could shop for a gorgeous textile material to replace your old one. This process is easier and quicker.

There are numerous ways of making your old couch look new for less amount.

Reinvent Your Console Table

A console table looks fantastic on its own, but it could look way better with cute and smart add ons. For instance, you could place a pair of stools below it for extra seating, add some drawers to it, place some flowers on it, or decorate it with art or a portrait. Remember to buy a console made of  landscape timber.

An important tip, if your living room is the first room someone comes across when they open the door, then you can use a console as a stand in the entryway. In this case, avoid placing anything below it for a more appealing look.

Ensure the Room Has Good Ventilation

It doesn’t matter if you have the best seats or a well-decorated living room; if it’s not well ventilated, it won’t be a fantastic place to spend your time. Clean your vents for better air quality and open the windows periodically to provide fresh air. If your ducts and vents go uncleaned for a long time, mold and dirt could build-up, resulting in severe health conditions.

Good ventilation and fresh air combined with impressive designs and decorations help take your living room to the next level.

Put Up a Massive Mirror and Use Layer Textures

Placing a large mirror in your living area is somewhat like adding an extra window to the room. As a result, the room feels lighter and more spacious in a way. Even better, place some beautiful plants or some lighting by the side of the mirror to amplify the lighting while reflecting greenery.

Sometimes you might be having a fully furnished living room, yet it doesn’t feel quite finished. That is because the texture could be lacking to some extent. Having layers of texture makes the space more livable and comfortable. For example, go for soft texture in pillow covers, natural texture for handmade ceramics, shiny texture for glass vases, rough texture for natural fiber rugs, and smooth texture for leather sofa or chairs.

Go for a Different Sofa Shape

The shape of the sofa somehow determines the tone of the room. Squishier sofas bring a laid-back kind of vibe, while higher, more structured couches are generally more formal. Low modular sofas are excellent for lounging, and you can rearrange them to suit any type of setting.

You could position them in one direction for a movie night or separate to create multiple conversation areas for different events like parties.


Following these nine tips will absolutely help your living look more welcoming. Your living room doesn’t serve as a showplace; it’s a sanctuary. So, forget about the rules and go for designs that make you feel comfortable and happy when spending time in that room.

Express your style through the colors you choose, textures, and art. Then, jumpstart the journey today of taking your room to the next level with budget-friendly and practical ideas, as mentioned above. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to transform a space that seems hard to love into your favorite spot.