declutter films and dvds

How to declutter films and DVD’s easily

declutter films and dvds

With this prompt you have to ask yourself if you can find what you like when you want it. If the answer is no then it might help you to let go of things you don’t really need. There is no need to pull your entire film library out at once, just dipping into it every now and then will make a difference to the quantity of things you keep.

Do you need the actual physical DVD or can you find it easily online – could you save your music and films to a hard drive or the cloud instead?

These are longer term goals that need some thinking about but in the meanwhile you can make a difference by looking through your collection and asking yourself:

  • Does it remind me of a bad time?
  • Do I actually like it?
  • Will I ever watch it again?
  • Is it easy and cheap to replace if I changeĀ  my mind in the future.
  • Is it on an obsolete format that I have no way of playing?
  • Is it on YouTube?
  • Is it scratched or broken?

Just dip into your collection and choose 5 things you know you won’t ever want to see again.

If you want to make money from your old films it might be worth checking out their value on Music Magpie – it’s a bit long winded, you have to type in the bar code of every one and then see if they want it, but if they do want any you package all of them up and send them off, they don’t sit around waiting to be sold like on Ebay or Amazon.