Is It Time You Cleared Out Your Loft?

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Lofts are typically treated as dumping grounds for clutter. The following post explains why you should consider clearing out your loft, as well as offering a few tips on how to do it. 

Why clear out your loft?

A loft could be used as more than simply a storage room for clutter. It could be transformed into an extra bedroom, providing extra space for kids or guests to sleep while also increasing the value of your property. It could alternatively be turned into a study, a home office, a library or even a home gym. There are all kinds of possibilities. 

Even if you’d prefer to keep it as a storage space, a clearout could be necessary simply for getting rid of the stuff that’s just gathering dust. There’s no point hanging onto piles of stuff that you never even look at. By getting rid of the clutter, you can create a more functional storage space, making it easier to locate things that you actually do need. Clearing out your clutter could also be an opportunity to make some cash – some of it could be valuable to someone else. At the very least, you could donate some of it, helping someone else out who may actually want/need it. 

5 Tips for clearing out your loft

Clearing out a loft can be a daunting job. Below are a few tips for helping you to successfully declutter your loft. 

Hire a skip

Hiring a skip could give you the incentive to start throwing away stuff. It can allow you to get rid of more stuff at once without having to travel to a recycling centre. Companies like Sheridan Skips will help to dispose of your stuff in an environmentally-friendly way. It could be a chance to get rid of other clutter in your home too.

Get a helping hand

Finding the motivation to tackle your loft could be difficult. Consider asking friends or family members to help you. Not only will you be able to carry stuff out more quickly, but they may be able to help you be brutal when it comes to deciding what you really need to keep onto. You could even consider hiring decluttering professionals to help. 

Take pictures of sentimental objects

Parting with sentimental objects such as family heirlooms or remnants of past hobbies can be difficult. Taking a picture of these objects could give you something to keep onto, making it potentially easier to throw away these items. 

Start advertising items for sale immediately

Many of us set aside items that we want to sell but never get around to actually selling them. Don’t wait to put these items on the market – start advertising them online on Facebook or Gumtree straight away. If they need to be cleaned, consider cleaning these items straight away. 

Watch out for hazards

If you rarely venture into your loft, you should be careful of any potential hazards. Watch out for any loose floorboards and make sure no animals have made a nest. If your loft is very dusty, it could be worth wearing a mask.