How To Store CBD Oil Correctly

CBD products are acquiring popularity for the past few years, and various types of these are available in the market. Including CBD oil in your regular wellness routine can efficiently enhance a person’s overall well-being, so most people are storing cannabidiol. However, CBD is made of natural products, and air, heat, and light can break down its compounds. 

Ensuring that you are taking CBD the right way is essential, but it also should be appropriately stored so you can get the maximum advantage for a long time. Even the most well-made CBD products can turn bad if you are not setting them aside correctly. You can check out a great post to read about CBD awareness so you can choose from well-crafted products and start your CBD journey. With that said, here are tips on how to store your CBD products correctly.

Do CBD Products Go Bad?

CBD products have a lasting shelf-life; it will still be good and pure for two years upon opening the product. However, if you fail to store it properly, degradation might happen. It will not deteriorate in a way that you will get sick once you take it, but it will have no effects and will lose its flavor. 

The usual signs that the CBD is already rotten is when the flavor and the aroma have already changed. It will taste and smell different, like rancid oil. Also, when the substance is already foggy, and the viscosity is unusual, it means that the CBD is beginning to go rank. 

Furthermore, the shelf life of the CBD depends on the type of product. Some are created together with other components, and these will significantly affect the expiration date. For edibles, pastries, bread, and other CBD-infused baked goods will degrade faster than hard candies. 

That’s why whenever you buy a CBD product, keep in mind to review the “best by” date, or research more about the storage life of the product. If you are making your own CBD edibles, consider the ingredients used to conclude how long will it stay fresh.

Prevent Placing CBD Products Near Direct Sunlight

Extreme heat can decimate the potency of your CBD products because there are minerals and natural substances that can cause a different reaction because of the high temperature. This might change the properties of the contents. 

Keep the product far from direct sunlight, don’t place it in areas where there’s heat from the sun, like windows, and keep it away from appliances that can generate heat such as stoves and large ovens.

The best way to keep it away from the sun is to store it in the refrigerator. Declutter your freezer and create a space for your CBD products because it can lengthen their storage life. However, keep in mind that the CBD may freeze, and it won’t be easy to dispense because of the thick consistency. If this happens, you don’t have to worry because it will not affect its efficiency, and it can be solved by running hot water on the bottle.

Keep It Under Room Temperature

If you don’t have any free space to put your CBD product or you don’t want the product to thicken frequently, a different way to store it is by putting it in a place with a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit as it can also prolong the life of the CBD. 

The safest locations to keep this product are in dark, dry, and cool pantries, closets, drawers, or any place where the temperature is cold. Ensure that the bottle is sealed tightly and stands firmly. While traveling, you can opt for a purse or a resealable bag to prevent a mess if the glass breaks. 

Additionally, when choosing a CBD oil, inspect the packaging and check if the glass container is marked as “UV protection,” “amber,” or “CBD sun protection” to reduce the beam exposure. If your favorite product doesn’t have this kind of packaging, try to wrap it in aluminum foil because it can act as an added barrier and block off excess light.

Store It Away From Air

Just like how you should keep CBD products away from heat and light, you should also prevent exposing the product to air as it can damage your CBD and affect its efficacy. Once the CBD oil is exposed to oxygen, it can change its chemical balance, which is a process called oxidative stress. 

However, manufacturers produce dropper applicators or airtight containers to limit the products from air exposure. Use the original bottle of the product and ensure that you put the lid back on and seal it thoroughly for a prolonged shelf life.

Bottom Line

There are various methods to take CBD, and whatever way you choose, keep in mind that these products will go bad if they are not stored correctly and are exposed to air, heat, or light. The best way to lengthen your CBD’s storage life is to ensure that it is placed in a vertical position, that it is far from any light and moisture, and that the room is at a steady temperature. 

Purchasing CBD is expensive after all, so you have to use it for a long time. With the help of these tips and a bit of planning, storing your CBD can be an easy task, and you’ll surely think that the product is worth the investment.