Creating A Warm Home Without Costing The Earth

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Create a warm and safe space for our families is something that we will take very seriously, and keep in a home warm can seem like a difficult task at times, especially if you live in a climate that has cold winters. But there are many things that you can do to reduce the effects on the environment whilst keeping your home warm and cosy at the same time. You don’t have to keep pumping more energy into a home to keep it warm, and here are some of the ways in which you can avoid huge heating bills, and still have somewhere comfortable to live at the same time.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Being sensible

We all know that having a gas-guzzling fire can cause a huge intake of resources, and isn’t something that we would want to do if we are concerned about the environment. So maybe choosing from inset electric fires or something similar that can help you reduce your energy bills, is a great place to start. Another way to keep your energy costs low is by having your heating on a timer. This means that your home is kept relatively warm and doesn’t ever get to the point where you need to use vast amounts of energy to hit the home from scratch. It also extends to heating water, there are much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways of doing that, and it goes without saying that reducing the amount you use is healthier for the environment.

Soft furnishings

There’s nothing quite like cuddling under a blanket on the sofa whilst watching a movie at the end of the day, heating isn’t always necessarily needed if you are clever about this I finish and is in your home. Choosing to have furniture that keep you warm, bedding that is late enough so that you can control the temperature through the night, and even dressing gowns and slippers that can keep you particularly warm and comfy when walking around the house. Some professionals will argue that this is actually a healthier way of living since being too warm can be dehydrated and cause our problems with our sinuses, especially if we have allergies.


Keeping your home well insulated is obviously a great way to keep it warm and comfortable no matter what the weather. Have an insulation in the walls, up-to-date windows that have plenty of great insulation around them, and no gaps for drafts around your home, Are ways to keep the cold weather and wind out. Doing a good check around the property before the winter hits it’s always a step in the right direction, and something that you will thank yourself for during the winter months. Discovering any gaps in fire leaks or drafts is not the greatest way to working out what needs improving on.

Anything we can do to help the environment, and reduce our waste especially when it comes to using and renewable sources, is a good effort and something we could all consider carefully. And some of these tips may help you take a step towards becoming much more eco-friendly.