declutter the fridge

Declutter the fridge and freezer

declutter the fridge

Is your fridge covered in magnets and piled high with stuff? What else do you use your fridge door for? If you use magnets to hold notes and coupons there now might be a good time to check that all the notes and coupons are in date.

If you want to keep lots of things on your fridge try to make just one area of clear space just to give you a break from visual clutter. Try it and see if it looks better to have magnets and notes on just one part of the fridge door.

Today is a good one to take control.

If you have fridge magnets ask yourself:

  • Do I like them?
  • Do they bring happy memories?
  • Are they really tatty looking?

These things are not made to last forever and sometimes it’s easier on ourselves to say goodbye to them rather than watch them disintegrate.


What is on top of your fridge?

If it’s a tall fridge/freezer there is a chance that you can’t see what’s on top unless you stand on a chair. I find this space is guilty of attracting all manner of empty boxes I don’t need to keep, things I have put there to get them off the table then forgotten about and once I even found a very old sandwich there—I’d told my son to put it somewhere the cat couldn’t get to it!

Look at the top of the fridge and ask yourself:

  • Do I need it?
  • Do I like it?
  • Is it broken?
  • Can it be recycled?

Then there is always inside the fridge and freezer! Is there anything in there that needs using up and does anything needs throwing out.

Remember – just 5 things need to go today, don’t take on too much and don’t get overwhelmed. If you get rid of 5 things a day every week for a year that is 1300 things, babysteps work!

Happy decluttering!

What about the rest of the kitchen

I’ve compiled a book with full instructions and easy prompts and guides to help you gently declutter your whole kitchen.