Dina Day! Weightlifting Wednesday

Welcome, one and all, to this wonderful world of Weightlifting Wednesday!

“What?” I hear you cry, “What has weightlifting to do with decluttering?” Allow me enlighten you. I hope the photo (by Alora Griffiths and downloaded from Unsplash) has piqued your interest.

Now, we can approach weightlifting from various directions, all of which are worth trying. You will probably find that one way suits you more than another. You could try the “At least I’ve started” method which is excellent for those who begin a project for forget to continue. Next is the “I’m going to do it today/tomorrow/next week/some time” technique – which is probably the easiest one. Then we have the “I’ve done it!” strategy which is the most effective.

What you will find is that your perception of your own decluttering goals will immediately lend itself to one of these approaches because decluttering will definitely “lift” a “weight” off your mind.

Lisa Cole

Dina Days!

Dina is a member of the less-stuff community who, with her unusual sense of humour, has discovered a flair for writing amusing decluttering challenges, which we call 'Dina Days'. She has given me permission to put them on the website so they don't get lost in Facebook.

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