Best Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home and Your Life

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

With lockdowns and quarantine being a part of our lives for well over a year now, our homes can start to feel claustrophobic. That feeling of being overwhelmed by your surroundings and possessions can hit any one of us. 

So if you’ve decided that you no longer want to feel like this whenever you want to relax and de-stress in your safe-place after work or studies, read this until the end to get some easy and creative ways to the art of decluttering your home.

Start Slow 

The process of decluttering doesn’t have to be done all in one day. It takes time to fully recognize the clutter and decide to remove it from our lives. 

The best thing to do is start gradually, with 5 minutes each day, spending time to organize your space. You can add more time to the process whenever you feel like it, but don’t try and rush it. Take your time, and before you know it, you have achieved more than you did the day before. 

Divide Your Space Into Sections

Photo by Christa Grover from Pexels

It’s easy to get stressed and abandon ship when you think about all the work that needs to be done. But don’t get frustrated. The key is to split your house into different sections and then divide those rooms themselves into smaller parts that can each be tackled in a day or two. 

You can always change your schedule up by doing different sections of various rooms each day. For instance, you can start with your closet, then move onto decluttering your bathroom cabinet.

You can also find a guide to keeping your bathroom clean that’ll help you finish the process a lot easier. 

Checklists Will Save The Day

This part is one of the easiest things to do. We’ve made a decluttering checklist you can refer back to any time you feel like you forget something. 

From the wise words of  Marie Kondo, if it sparks joy, then it has a place in your home. If not, then it’s best to ditch it. It’s as simple as that. 

Start Taking Pictures 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels 

Before and after photos can make you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot. Even if you just cleared out one small drawer, it still counts.

So choose a small section you are scheduled to clean, take a before and after image, and see how it’ll motivate you to keep going until you reach your daily goal. 

Get Someone Else in There

Ask a family member or friend to join you on your decluttering journey. The tedious task of cleaning and sorting items can be so much more fun and enjoyable when done with a loved one. You can also get their opinion on the items you’re trying to declutter. 

At the end of the day, if the process of decluttering is adding more stress to your life rather than making your space more enjoyable, it’s not worth it. 

Take it slow, take your time, and let it take as long as it takes.