5 Furniture Ideas that Will Help Declutter Smaller Rooms

Small bedroom with storage – Image Courtesy of Pexels

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You probably have a lot of stuff, but you don’t like to throw things out like a minimalist. But space is running out. Luckily, you can declutter smaller rooms by using existing space or making more.

Cases and Shelving that Fits

Books, DVDs and video games are among some of the things that can quickly take up a lot of space in your rooms. While you can easily buy some standard shelves and cases from home furnishing stores, it’s hit and miss whether they will use space properly. For instance, any nooks might be oddly shaped. You cut and put up some shelves if you are a little handy. But it can be tricky. However, bespoke bookshelves from professional designers are your best option. Companies like Simon Taylor Furniture will measure and fit shelving and cases to fit any cavity.

Use Beds with Storage

When space is at a minimum, you need to think out of the box a little. And if you look around properly, you will begin to see there is a ton of unused space around your home, especially underneath your furniture. Under the beds, chairs and couches are perfect examples. And you can make the most of this space by fitting what you can, such as pillows and duvets in the bedroom. Further, you can also get furniture designed for storage space with built-in drawers and storage compartments from the likes of Ikea. Many of which have seasonal sales.

Declutter Smaller Rooms with Cabinets

In the US alone, 25% of people have a clutter problem. So if your clutter is getting you down, but you don’t want to part with things, you can simply hide certain things. Covering up your mess helps give your room a clean finish and can add to the overall safety of your home. Such as storing items in the bathroom, for example. Cabinets offer a distinct advantage of typically being designed for a specific use. So you don’t need to worry about organizing your stuff. For example, kitchen cabinets are designed to take the heavy weight of many plates.

Use the Verticality of a Room

Like there is loads of space under your furniture, there is also a lot of unused space on your walls. While the walls are excellent for hanging your favourite pieces of art, you can also use them for storage. Top-to-bottom organizers are ideal for storing many items in minimal space. Such items include over-the-door towel hangers, long-form DVD shelves and hanging shoe racks. Rather than using the horizontal distance, as with decorative items, you can use the vertical space of your walls for things you need to store but not necessarily display.

Only Place Essentials on Surfaces

Clutter is known for taking up the space on your surfaces. But surface space is often limited. Shelves, nightstands and even the mantelpiece are good examples. And they can quickly become cluttered with things when decorating, house keys, pet items and kids’ stuff. All of these can make your home look very cluttered and unkempt. However, you can get into the habit of storing things away and only leaving essential items that you need on surfaces. So, for example, your house keys don’t need to be on your nightstand. But your alarm clock does.


You can declutter smaller rooms by looking at them a little differently. For example, try using the space under your furniture and the room’s verticality. Or install cabinets for essential items.