How To Stop Emergency Callouts Eating Into The Emergency Fund

Life happens and the bank balance takes the brunt of the pain. An appliance breaks and it needs fixing as soon as possible. As a result, you’ve got to fork out the cash and spend a small fortune. When money is tight, the last thing a homeowner wants to do is pay over the odds. Unfortunately, the nature of the work means the cost isn’t going to be cheap. Plumbers and electricians and tree surgeons are well-paid professions for this reason.

By this rate, there will be no emergency fund left. Well, unless you continue reading. Here are four tricks that will come in useful.

Maintain The House

The main reason pipes burst or gutters break is due to neglect. Homeowners don’t spend enough time and attention to their needs so they degrade. It’s a big price to pay in the long-time because only a plumber can fix a leaky pipe and limit the damage. If only you bothered about property maintenance in the first place, it wouldn’t happen. Looking after the house doesn’t mean general tidying; it refers to keeping an eye on industrial devices. The boiler needs checking every couple of months, as do the drains to prevent blockages. Be mindful of the gutters, even in summer as showers and debris are a dangerous mix.

Slash The Callout Charge

Callouts cost a fortune because tradespersons include an extortionate fee. It’s known as a callout charge and it’s the price you have to pay for dragging them out of bed at night. During the chaos, the amount isn’t a problem because you want the issue fixing. After the fact is when it gets real as there is a serious lack of money in the account. Not paying the fee in the first place is a wise move, and it’s possible with Kiasu Workforce. Be sure to choose a contractor with a no charge or the lowest one.

Call The Insurance Company

Insurance premiums increase after a claim. How much is down to your provider, but it won’t be as much as the initial cost of fixing a faulty boiler. A replacement alone is a couple of thousand pounds. So, the best thing to do is to call the insurance team and explain your circumstances. As long as the policy covers damage to the home and its contents, they should pick up the cheque. Resist the urge to “bend” the truth to get them to pay because it’s fraud.

Borrow Money

Sometimes, there isn’t enough money in the pot and you have to apply for a loan. Stop right there because it’s a grave error. Usually, the terms and conditions mean the cost will rise with interest. And, there is the prospect of not paying it back and incurring penalty charges. Lenders aren’t friendly, but your family and friends are. Although it’s embarrassing, it’s wise to ask them for a loan first as it’s not as expensive. No one wants bailiffs knocking on the door.

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