long term storage decluttering tips

Quick and easy storage cuboard decluttering

long term storage decluttering tips

Do you keep things in storage?

If you have places in your home where you keep things you don’t often need, try this as a method for keeping it all in check.

It could be under the stairs, outside in a shed or even your bedside table. Find a cupboard of some sort that you haven’t looked in for some time.

You don’t need to turn it all out, just look in and see if you can pull out 5 things you don’t need to store.

If you find something you can use that is great, if you find something you love there is no need to ditch it.

For the rest of the stuff ask yourself:

  • Is it so broken I will never get round to using it?
  • Is it so complicated I won’t learn how to use it?
  • Is it collection of things that are so tangled I will never sort through them?
  • Is it rotting and beyond saving?
  • Is there someone else who would give it a new and happier home?

Just open the cupboard and run this checklist over the first few things you need. Once you have got rid of the surface clutter you will be able to work out what you actually want to keep.

Don’t feel pressured to get rid of stuff that is valuable or sentimental, it’s ok to have stuff!