Gentle January Workbook Free Excerpt


This is the first ten pages of the Gentle January Workbook.

Gentle January is a lovely way to start the year and includes ways to gently reset and start to bring back a bit of control to life after Christmas and New Year.

The workbook contains:

  • How to make new habits that stick
  • Declutter without stress
  • 25 day easy decluttering bingo
  • Breathing – Yoga breathing mini challenge
  • Eat – try new food mini challenge
  • Drink – mini hydration challenge
  • Sleep – make your bedroom lovely challenge.

January is often a time for resolutions and clean slates. It can be really tempting to starta strict diet or pull out all your clothes to declutter them.

Gentle January is a different approach that is more likely to make you feel better. Resolutions are hard. It takes a lot
of motivation and discipline to stick to the slightest pledge you make to yourself and the
failure rate of goal based resolutions is high. A study by the University of Scranton tracked 200 resolvers over 2 years. Over ¾ of the respondents kept to their resolutions for a week but only 19% of them for 2 years. Stress
was one of the key reasons people gave up or slipped on their resolutions.



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