Organizing Your Life Starts In The Kitchen

An unorganized kitchen, chronically so, can be the first sign your life is out of order. And if you’re want to put things back into neat rows, and get your lifestyle to a place where you’re happy and healthy with who you are and what you do, you’re going to need to clear the kitchen up!

But if you’re not sure where to start, we can help you with the tips below.

Cut Down on the Pans

How many pans are you using to cook with, on a daily basis? Maybe one or two? And compared to that, how many pans do you have in your cupboards? 10 or 20? Because what we have in storage usually outweighs what we actually tend to use.

So throw some of these pans away, or donate them if they’re in good condition and can be used again. Clear the space in your cupboards for more helpful items, and help to encourage a system of regular washing and drying when someone’s finished cooking a meal.

Clear Your Counters 

The counter tops of your kitchen might be covered in clutter, including used pots and pans, dirty cups and plates, open ingredients you can’t find another home for, and any other extraneous kitchen goods you just can’t fit in the cupboards or fridge. And when you think about it, that’s not a great start for getting organized in life!

Don’t just throw things down when you come home from work – seeing as the kitchen is usually the first place a person walks into, it can be the messiest room of all. And for some reason, a lot of us forget that storage containers keep your kitchen organised! If your cupboards are already full, invest in storage boxes or tins to pop against the backsplash, that you can easily reach for when you’re feeling peckish, or if you need to check where you’ve put your keys.

Update the Spice Cupboard

We all have a spice cupboard (or rack) somewhere in our kitchens, and for quite a few of us, it’s sorely neglected and long since been outdated… We can easily forget about the spices we have to mix into our foods to add a bit of flavour, and if you’re someone who wants to get the kitchen organized, make sure you don’t forget about these ingredients.

After all, organizing your life often means eating better, and eating dishes that make you feel much happier as you chow through them. And if you can’t use any of the spices in your cupboard, because they’re dried out or don’t add the tastes you’re looking for, it’s time to throw them out and replace them with something better. Your kitchen is the place to make good food that you always look forward to, so even when you’re on a diet, a bit of spice here and there can make those lettuce leaves taste amazing!

An organized kitchen usually means you’ve got an organized mind. Don’t let yourself delay the clean-up!

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