How To Bring Vintage To Your Home On A Budget

Vintage is something that will always come back in style, and if you’re a fan of this, then you’ll likely want to incorporate it into your home. However, because vintage usually comes with a hefty price tag, here’s how you can bring vintage to your home on a budget.

Upcycle Old Furniture

A great way of tapping back into that vintage design, you can always look at upcycling which is essentially adding new life to what is otherwise a chair or table that’s looking a little worn or damaged. Before you do any sort of reupholstering or upcycling on the furniture, take a look at how good of a quality it is. When it comes to some furniture, it might not have been made with the best materials in the first place and therefore may not even last that long. So even if you’re saving money on upcycling, you may be upcycling something that will become useless in a matter of months. Pick your pieces wisely and always check the structural strength of each item before going forward with a transformation.

Opt For A Feature Wall With Wallpaper

Vintage interior design is on trend, and therefore, you can really go to town on your walls with some unique prints of wallpaper that will really throw it back. However, wallpaper can often be quite expensive, especially if you’re covering a whole room with it. As a way to save money, you might want to think about creating a feature wall. A feature wall is where you just focus on one wall of the room. This is mainly a focal point for your guests, so it might be where the fireplace is or the television sites. Cover just this wall with wallpaper, and then you can perhaps do the rest of the walls with a paint that matches with one of the colours within the wallpaper.

Look At Local Charity Shops

Charity shops have been around for a long time, and there are now several charities that all have multiple shops across the country, selling other people’s second-hand garments, home decor, and other odds and sods. Local charity shops near you might be a treasure trove when it comes to vintage home decor because a lot of donations will likely come from those of an older generation. People also clear out their homes after years of hoarding, and you never know what you might find in the shops. They can be great for seeking out a bargain too, and the best thing is, you’re giving your money to a good cause, rather than a commercial high-street chain.

Ask Your Parents And Grandparents

Vintage is a more pleasant word for old and not to say you’re elders are vintage, but they may well have some decor that you have no idea about, and that’s currently sitting in their loft. As mentioned before, we’re all guilty of hoarding, and that can be said for generations above us. So ask your parents and your grandparents about whether they have anything that might be a good home decor piece. Ask around to friends and family as these can be a valuable source of finding the vintage items that you’ve been looking for. Plus they’re going to give it to you for a much more reasonable price than what you’d pay for it in a store.

Search Online

The online world has certainly grown, but sites like eBay and Gumtree are still going strong. These were the original sites that were set up to sell on other things that people owned and didn’t want any more. It was a virtual version of a car boot sale and still is. There are also Facebook groups that you can connect to which usually have local swapping, donating and selling opportunities when it comes to home decor. You could certainly find some good deals on these groups, and you may not need to pay for shipping costs if it’s close enough for you to come and collect directly from the seller. So take full advantage of the online world, you never know what you might come across, and with people from all over the globe, who are online, there’s so much to discover.

Being able to bring some vintage to your home is good fun because you’re finding items that are unique and quite possibly won’t appear in many people’s homes who love vintage but end up buying stuff that’s probably been duplicated or has cost a fortune. You can be smug in the knowledge that you’ve saved yourself a lot of money!

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