declutter hobbies stash

Decluttering hobbies, crafts and materials

declutter hobbies stash
Most people I know have some sort of hobby, it could be card making, crochet, baking, gardening, home brewing……anything you do with your hands that needs materials counts for todays prompt. If you are genuinely going to use the materials in the future, if they mean a lot to you for some reason, or if you just plain like having them around then do not feel bad about keeping them.


Ask yourself

  • Is there enough of it to make something else?
  • Have you already got lots of it?
  • Is it broken?
  • Is it so expensive or precious you won’t do anything with it?
  • Do you like it?
  • Will you ever get around to doing it? Do you know someone else who would
    actually do it?
  • Have you lost bits you need to finish it?
  • Is it past it’s use by date?

Top Tip
If you have lots of little bits, scraps of fabric, yarn or paper, bag them up as presents for children you know who like making things. This means you don’t have to throw them away, they will go to someone who enjoys them and they will get out of your home!


  • It’s ok to get rid of more than 5 things but don’t get carried away!
  • Choose stuff you are happy to get rid of and say goodbye to now.

Just 5 minutes for 5 things. It’s easy.

Your printable prompt sheet is here, or just click on the image above.