Easy DIY Tasks That Save Money In The Home

Saving money is about finding the right balance between hiring an expert and doing it yourself. Far too often, homeowners opt for the former because they think it’s worth the extra money. Hey, at least you don’t need to waste your time and energy because they are commodities too!

Although this might be true, time and energy don’t pay the bills every quarterly. Without money in the pot, you’re not going to be liquid and you will fall into debt quickly. The excellent news is DIY can help as long as you pick the right tasks.

Here are the ones worth considering.

Hedge Planting

During the summer, the temperatures rise and it gets unbearably hot (yes, even in Britain!). What you need is a way to reduce the heat so that you don’t have to blast the air conditioning 24/7, and a hedge can help. As long as it’s tall and thick enough, it should absorb the majority of the UV rays and prevent them from hitting your home. The hard part is planting it, yet Hedgeplants Heijnen has a foolproof guide for beginners. Follow it and your garden will act as a cheap and natural air conditioner that needs very little maintenance all year around.

Washing Line Installation

Nothing is as easy as installing a washing line according to this Do It Yourself post. In fact, it’s more straightforward than the article says because there’s no need to dig a hole or fill it with cement. All you need to do is tie the line to an elevated point, such as a garden shed, and prop it up with a pole. Then, you can take advantage of the summer rays and dry your clothes without needing to turn on the tumble dryer. Who knew that energy conservation started with a clothes’ line?

Cleaning Solution Recipe

You don’t need a screwdriver and a pneumatic drill to DIY. When it comes to saving money, there is no better place to look than your cleaning bill. Unfortunately, lots of homeowners waste their wages on unnecessary supplies. You can make your own at home with ingredients that you already have in the cupboards. The Green Parent recommends taking a cup of white wine vinegar and mixing it with lemon and soap. If it’s detergent you’re looking for, get some soda crystals and add cornstarch. You’ll find they’re as effective and twice as cheap.

Tighten Loose Washers

Almost every house has a tap that drips. Aside from being annoying, it’s the same as throwing money down the drain. After all, you’re paying for the H2O that leaks out even if you’re not using it. Thankfully, you can tighten the washers and stop the droplets from dripping out and increasing your water bill by as much as 10%. Do it for every leaky tap and you’ll save yourself a significant sum over the long-term.

Although DIY is a useful tool, it’s only appropriate for small tasks. Any big or dangerous should be left to the pros.

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