Twinkle Toes Tuesday

Well now, Less-Stuffers, I think you got off lightly yesterday! It seems that nearly everyone chose the easy option of having a Moaning Monday so, today, the whip is coming out! No need to worry, though, I wouldn’t be able to lift it, let alone brandishing it threateningly! ???? Instead, we can all do a triple-turn, two-step tarantella on Twinkle Toes Tuesday. It’s time to declutter shoes. If you’re like my mother, you will gain an entire room by clearing out shoes! Do the shoes need repairing? Will you ever take them in for repair? Are they worn out? Have they never been comfortable? Have you always regretted buying red polka dot shoes? (I did! I bought them in the 1970s when platform shoes were “in” and could never manage to walk more than a few steps in them.) Today’s the day to shed those shoes. They could be donated to the charity shop, offered to a friend who has always liked them, popped in a bag and put in the shoe recycling bank, offer them to a local organisation that helps the homeless. You could even dye them!

Lisa Cole

Dina Days!

Dina was a member of the less-stuff community who, with her unusual sense of humour, has discovered a flair for writing amusing decluttering challenges, which we call 'Dina Days'. She died after a short illness but gaveĀ  me permission to put her words of wisdom on the website. I'm honoured to be able to keep her with us in this way. Lisa