see things from a different viewpoint

Different ways of looking at things

see things from a different viewpointAs soon as someone comes into my home I start to notice things that really didn’t bother me before. Socks on the radiator stand out like beacons! You can apply this logic to decluttering by just changing the angle you see your home from.

There is a story by David Sedaris called Nuit of the Living Dead that sums up the horror that can go un-noticed before a visitor arrives. He talks about his living room as being cheerful but suddenly he notices the L.A County Coroners logo on a towel, the huge taxidermied chicken, all the books about guns, a true crime magazine open at “Is there a serial killer in your region”……



  • Looking at it from higher up
  • Looking at it from lower down
  • Angling your head when you look

What do you notice that you don’t like when you look at it slightly differently? Have you spotted places that attract clutter? Things that really don’t need to be where they are?

You can also think of it from a different perspective by imagining:

  • You are a prospective buyer looking round
  • You are a guest and it’s not your home
  • You are a toddler
  • You are going to have a party

What does seeing it through someone elses eyes make you notice?

Looking around your home from a different viewpoint, ask yourself:

  • Do I like it?
  • Does it work?
  • Do I need it?

If 5 items leap out at you as things you no longer need, you can put them in your box or bag for today.

Top tip from less-stuff Facebook group member Anna –

“Taking a photo might be a good tip for the ‘fresh/visitor’s eyes’ challenge, it’s very easy to carry on not seeing the clutter when you’re in the room, but quite different looking at a photo, especially one you’re about to post so other folk can see it too!

Of course, if you see things that need throwing away or recycling you can count them too.

Your printable worksheet is here, or click on the picture above.