declutter broken things

How to declutter broken stuff easily

declutter broken things

Broken could just mean that the batteries need changing, but are you really going to get round to that before they corrode?

If something needs a bit of minor stitching or gluing someone else might be able to face doing it with a fresh mind so why not get rid of it, give it a chance to live again, instead of sitting round your home reminding you that you haven’t got round to it yet.

Identify the guilty objects in your home and ask yourself:

  • Is it expensive to fix?
  • Is it a hassle to mend?
  • Will I use it if it is mended?
  • Do I have the materials to fix it?
  • Do I actually like it?

If you have a box of mending that is a great place for this type of decluttering.

Remember this is not the week to get rid of anything with a decent resale value, just stuff you are happy to give away.

Here are some more questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I just keeping it because someone gave it to me?
  • Am I keeping in the hope it will have value one day?
  • Is it a part of something else I lost a long time ago?
  • Would something else I have do the same job as it?
  • Have I got more than one of them?
  • Do I need that many?
  • Is it cheap and easy to replace?

The printable worksheet for today is here.

When you have found 5 things and either put them in a box for charity or to give away, or thrown them in the bin or recycling you can colour in your well earned stars!


If you are thinking of fixing it yourself it might be helpful to set yourself a time limit. If you don’t fix it before that time, hand it over to someone who will.