Creating The Perfect Spare Room

If you have a spare room on your home which never seems to be used for guests, there are many ways you can convert this unused space into a hotel haven for anyone who stays over at your house during the years to come. A spare room can be a wonderful addition to your home and it can make a big difference to the ambiance of the space. Here are some ways to make sure your spare room is perfect this year.

Extra storage

If you are currently using your spare room as the dumping ground of the home, you might struggle with the idea of emptying it out for guests. However, if the people who will stay in your home are only going to stay for a day or two at a time, do they need a lot of storage? You could bring in a wardrobe, drawers and under bed storage into the room and fill this with all of your stuff. The room will still look amazing for guests and you won’t lose your storage space!

Ready for guests

If you are going to be having guests over at the home quite a lot, your spare room is no longer going to function as a storage space slash office space for you and the family. However, you can still use it as what you need to day to day and simply convert the space when someone comes to stay. If you follow this sofa bed measuring guide you can bring a sofa bed into the room and only fold it out when people are going to stay. This frees up the space when you don’t have people over and allows you to use the room to your heart’s content.

Keep it simple

The design in your spare room should be simple and easy to maintain because you won’t want to keep changing it once it is decorated. Think about painting the walls with a natural colour and adding on white or grey bedding to the room. You can then use pops of colour with throws and cushions which will give the room some character. You can even change the accessories depending on the season for a fun design all year round.

Make it comfy

Make sure your bedroom is cozy and comfortable for your guest to stay in. Invest in blackout curtains to block out any light during the night for a better sleep, think about investing in soft bedding and extra cushions, and make sure that the room has enough space for your guest to move around if they need to during the night,

Be a great host

If you are going to invite people to stay at your home you will want them to feel welcome. You can buy artwork or stencils for the walls to add colour and character to the room, bring a small TV into the room if they will want it, and add some finishing touches before your guest arrives for a warm welcome. You can leave a candle out for the evening, and leave a plate on the bedside table with their favourite chocolate bar or sweet treat. Have some fun hosting and make your guests feel welcome in your home.

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