Clean Up The Clutter Without Losing It

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Is your home completely submerged in clutter? The problem is of course that many of these items cluttering your property are things that you want to keep. Some will hold sentimental value, others will be rare family heirlooms, and many more will still hold a practical purpose, despite making your property look rather messy. As such, decluttering may not be the solution you need. So what’s the answer when you have clutter that you don’t want to throw away? Well, a great option would be to explore fantastic storage possibilities that are innovative and exciting. Let’s look at a few of these to see if any could be the ideal option for your home.

Brilliant Bookshelves

Did you know that you can remodel and redesign your staircase to store books? It’s true, and you can get an idea of how to create a bookshelf on the stairs in the video below.

It’s just one possibility, and some people even use the stairs themselves for storing books by hollowing them out. An ideal solution for the bookworm who doesn’t have a library in their home. Or, what about an upcycling bookshelf idea? Do you have an old pie rack in your kitchen? If this is no longer in use, why not use it to store those cooking books and clean up the kitchen clutter without losing the recipes that you probably still rely on from time to time.

Hidden Storage Options

You can also think about purchasing furniture with hidden storage built inside. If you have kids who are constantly leaving toys, games and films all over your living room, you can think about purchasing a footrest with a hidden storage compartment inside. You will be able to lift the lid to store all those extra items in your living room and know exactly where they are when you need them. This can be great if there are countless controls for tech devices scattered around the room.

Make Your Clutter Part Of The Decor

What looks like clutter right now can be transformed into a fantastic display for any area of your room. To do this, you can either take advantage of the shelving space that you may already have or invest in fantastic display cabinets from brands like Alf furniture. These cabinets with glass doors are ideal for displaying those ornaments, knick-knacks and other items that you have collected over the years that have no real place in your home. Once shelved as part of a display, you may start to see that they are actually quite beautiful and stylish.

Use Headspace

Finally, you might find that your home is looking cluttered because you are not taking advantage of all the space above your head.  You can invest in some shelves to put high up on the walls in rooms around your home. It’s a great way to find a place for those little accessories and ornaments that don’t really have space but that you also don’t want to lose.