phone and social media

Alternatives to online social networks

Here are some ideas for alternatives to spending time online with social media.

Take a doorstep holiday

The trip can be on your doorstep and it doesn’t need to cost anything at all – take a packed lunch and pick something free from here

Here are some more goodies for you to wrap your brain around, enjoy!

Something relaxing

Do nothing for 2 minutes, this is often very hard indeed.

Something creative –

make an apple swan

Connect with someone –

Pick someone at random to send a postcard to, it might make you think of where you live in a different way because we usually only buy postcards when we are on holiday.

Something from nature

the amazing octopus

Something funny

the Silly Sausage game

Something scary

if you don’t like heights.

Something amazing

watch a craftsman at work.

Something to waste time on

Duck has an adventure

Something very silly

Something silly, clever and musical