5 Tips To Declutter Your Bathroom



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The bathroom is usually the smallest room of the house and, depending on where you live; this can be a tiny room. The size of the bathroom and everything you keep in that room often leads to it getting cluttered quickly. Clutter creates mess and disorganisation, and decluttering may look like a difficult and impossible task. But fear not, these five tips can help you clear your clutter and create more space in your bathroom.

Create a schedule

To declutter takes time, and if you have more than one bathroom to declutter or too much clutter, in addition to your already busy daily activities- this may seem like a daunting task, and you would want to give up on it entirely. Creating a schedule makes the task ahead doable and keeps you motivated. Set daily challenges, like “Moppy Monday,” to stay on track with your decluttering process. Completing these challenges and sticking to the schedule would make the seemingly daunting task one that you are motivated to finish.

The purge

To ensure that you are going to be successful in the decluttering process, it is good to remove all the items in the bathroom- so, in a way, you have to produce more clutter. Once the things are all out, you can now sort them out into groups. Expired items like make-up and medication, should be thrown out- including old toothbrushes as well. You should remove things that you find in the bathroom that should not be there. 

Clean the bathroom

Cleaning is a part of this process as dirt also adds to clutter. While moving and removing items, clean the counters, drawers and wardrobes where they once were. Scrub your sink, toilet and shower. If you are feeling productive, you can try to decorate your space. Replace peeling or discoloured wallpaper, repaint dirty walls (if they cannot be cleaned with soap and water), or replace old and broken tiles with hand painted tiles depending on your style. 

Store and organise

An excellent way to prevent clutter from forming again is by storing and organising your bathroom items. You can purchase, or create storage items – like installing a shelf or creating storage for toothbrushes using a mason jar. You can keep your items organised by keeping the items you use daily separate from those you use occasionally or rarely. For example, your toothbrush and toothpaste could be on the counter with your daily moisturiser, but your hairdryer could be stored on a shelf or wardrobe.

Reuse old towels

Although there might not be a lot of things in your bathroom you can donate to charity, there are a few things you can reuse, which are your towels. Old and faded towels are still relevant. You can use them as rugs in the case of an accidental spill.

Decluttering your bathroom is a time-consuming process. These five tips would leave your bathroom clean, well organised and tidy, and have you enjoying all the time there.