Why Redecorating is the Perfect Opportunity to Declutter

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Are you planning to redecorate your home? If so, you have stumbled upon the perfect opportunity to declutter your rooms. Changing your décor is the ideal chance to purge yourself of things that you no longer need. The hassle of moving your belongings out of the room is a big incentive to have a clear out, even if you are motivated by simply not wanting to move it all back into the room again afterwards!

Redecorating is all about breathing new life into a room, so don’t let your fresh, new space become stifled by decades worth of accumulated stuff that you no longer need.

Start with the Floor

If you have piles of stuff on your floor, these need to be sorted out first. It will be impossible to decorate the room with floor clutter, and you definitely won’t want to move piles of stuff back into the room once you have finished only to put it all back on the floor again. 

Start with decluttering the floor, and you will see significant results straight away, which will help you to stay motivated and continue decluttering.

After the floor has been decluttered, start on the rest of the room. It is wise to do one portion of the room at a time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the task. Focusing on one section will make the process less confusing and far easier to tackle.

After taking the time to declutter, don’t forget to get rid of the stuff that you no longer need. If you leave it laying around, your clutter will become cluttered, which is probably worse than not decluttering at all!

Refreshing Your Space

Creating a minimalist room, painted floor to ceiling in white, and devoid of all objects, may not be your cup of tea. However, there is no doubt that decorating your room in a way that makes it feel light and airy can help to encourage you to keep clutter to a minimum. 

Having a room that is easy to keep clean and free from clutter will help encourage you to keep it that way. Choosing fresh-looking paint colours and installing laminate flooring will help to keep your room looking light and bright and will create a feeling of increased space in the room.

Prevent the Clutter Creeping Back

After all your hard work, your efforts mustn’t go to waste. So, you will need to find ways to keep the clutter from creeping back into your rooms. 

Clearing out all your clutter before you decorated is likely to have freed up a lot of space, but try not to replace these items with new ones. Incorporating extra storage into your rooms will at least give your stuff a place to live. But, if you choose extra storage for your room, don’t be tempted to try and fill it up with new things, even if you have room. Otherwise, you will be left repeating the decluttering process in a few months from now.