To make 5 Days of Decluttering really work for you we need to make it so easy for you to do it is not a chore. This needs a little bit of preparation. Firstly, you will need a holding place for your clutter, a box or a bag.

Find a cardboard box to put your clutter into.

If you have nosy pets or children who like unpacking things, a carrier bag that can be hung up somewhere out of the way works perfectly. This is best if you put the box or bag somewhere you cannot miss it. Some people find that next to the front door works really well – they can offer their unwanted items to friends on the way out too.

My box is at the foot of the stairs, and it is there because that is the centre of my home, I walk past it numerous times in the day and that makes it easy to drop clutter into it. The box doesn’t need to be big at all and remember that it will need to be lifted out of your house at some point so don’t let it get heavy.

The box is not a final resting place for your clutter, it is a temporary holding area!

Have you found a place for your clutter to go when the box is full?

Are you ready to choose an area to declutter?

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