less stuff decluttering

Less-stuff is not about minimalism or purging your belongings.

Less-stuff is for people who love stuff but need to regain control of it. This site has loads of decluttering prompts and guides to help you quickly work out what you want to keep, and what can be rehomed.

Try it for 5 days, everything you need to know is on the website and free. If you want some decluttering company please join our very lovely Facebook group.

Decluttering 5 things a day for 5 days a week is a simple way to build up a decluttering habit. In a year you can easily get rid of thousands of unwanted things without getting overwhelmed or stressed.

Step 1

Find a cardboard box and put it somewhere you cannot miss it. You want it to remind you to declutter

Why do I need to do this?

Step 2

Decide where you will get rid of the box at the end of the week. You might need to arrange transport.

Where can I get rid of my clutter?

Step 3

Every day for 5 days pick a declutter prompt sheet and put 5 things in the box you no longer love, need or want.

Where should I start decluttering?

Step 4

At the end of the week get rid of your box. You will have decluttered at least 25 things you don’t need in your life.

How can I stop getting more stuff?

Look after yourself

Sometimes things we have around us can hold strong memories. If something you would like to de-clutter holds a memory that you’re not ready to process yet, that’s fine. It’s fine to leave it til you have the support you need to do so.

Get rid of the little things that just don’t feel right to have around and if something does come up that overwhelms you, be kind to yourself; it is natural. It’s fine to leave it til you have the support you need to process these emotions