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Some of the nice things people have said and there is an anonymous form at the bottom so you can add your own if you like.

“This organic process of gentle decluttering has resulted in regaining half my home.

There were 2 whole rooms that I could barely walk into and now my son and his family can actually come and stay. I have a tiny kitchen that now ‘works’ with the recent addition of a slow cooker, which will reduce waste and see us eating more healthily.

I can comfortably open my door and invite visitors to come into my mainly tidy living room, which will soon have a lovely new big red rug! There is room in my shed for a pushbike.

I’ve sometimes faltered and even stopped, but it’s been easy to pick up again with just 3 small items outed.”

Christine, January 2019

“Softly, softly, don’t give up

I used to have unbelievable levels of clutter in various places in my life. Now I can make a small start with baby steps.
Less-stuff is totally non-judgemental and you can proceed at your own pace.”

Lynne, May 2018

“Thank you for changing my life and letting me rid myself of so much unnecessary stuff

Before less-stuff I had accumulated stuff of my own, then I remarried and he had loads of stuff too!
Now I can give things away easily, go round the house looking for surplus stuff and feel happier that the house is tidier and less cluttered
The best thing about less-stuff is the gentle method of just five things, some days I have loads more, other days I have less but I’m keeping the Hospice shop going with lots of donated stuff”

Anna, May 2018

“There’s a great camaraderie and friendly chuckles and encouragement.

Before less-stuff I did buy too much and too many. Now less seems more. Eventually I will move to somewhere smaller, without regrets and angst. If something really means something to you, the less stuff method means you get rid of what distracts from it, and it shines an even brighter meaning.”

Jane, May 2018

“You make me feel better

I love your blog. You make me feel better about my hoarding instinct whilst helping me to see the 5-a-day light!”

Katie, October 2017

“I’m delighted with your method

As a life long hoarder and gatherer of junk I am absolutely thrilled with the less-stuff method. Since my daughter shared the link I have been applying the 5 a day method with great success. 5 minutes and 5 items is so simple that it invariably leads to doing a bit more but if I stop at 5 I’m happy with that. The difference in my kitchen is amazing. I should have taken before and after pics. I’ll do that with the next room.”

Frances, April 2017

“Really good things emerge

One of the joys of this group’s approach is that really good things emerge and because we are not thrashing through loads at a time, the emerging inspiration, insight into putting something in a place which it enhances, or is more convenient, can be noticed.”

Jane, February 2017

“Really chuffed

Just emptied the random junk drawer near the cooker and decided to put all my herbs and spices in the drawer where I can see them at a glance. Previously they were in a higher up cupboard where my short-assed personage could only see/reach the ones at the front of the bottom shelf. Not bad for 15 minutes work. It was mostly actual rubbish, apart from a screwdriver, a pack of screws and some batteries there were loads of empty packets, squished and manky birthday candles and torn paper cake cases. Oh and trillions of grimy cocktail sticks. The tools went in the toolbox and the rest in the bin. Now the old spices cupboard is the percect fit for the tea, coffee and sugar and it just happens to be above the kettle’s new spot on the worktop. I now have one completely empty kitchen cupboard which has never happened in my life.

Got to love the domino effect. It’s only thanks to your help and this lovely group. I couldn’t believe how quickly so much could be achieved. Thank you”

Clare, February 2017

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