tupperware clutter

Keeping Tupperware and plastic containers under control

tupperware clutter

You know when you open a cupboard and an explosion of plastic comes tumbling out? Tupperware type containers seem to breed if not kept in check occasionally and they can be tricky to keep under control.

Despite trying to lead a plastic free life there are occasions where it is really useful stuff. Food storage is one of those times. I use my cheap Ikea versions of Tupperware for storing dried food, freezing leftovers, taking on picnics and if I ever need to take food to a potluck.

If your plastic containers are having a little unauthorised rave in your cupboard here are a few ideas to calm things down.

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Keep one type

A collection of mismatched plastic containers makes matching up lids and bodies very hard. It really helps to keep just one brand of container so you know that all the lids are the right ones. This doesn’t mean you need to buy the most expensive but aim for a store that doesn’t change it’s stock design that often. It is very annoying, and sometimes costly trying to find discontinued products when you need them

Get rid of the rubbish ones

Harsh I know, but there is little point in keeping containers with lids that pop off or do not seal. Lidless containers can be used to keep packets in order inside cupboards, to store cleaning rags or under olive oil bottles (mine always drips!).

Get rid of any that

  • Have cracks
  • Have badly fitting lids
  • Twist when you fill them
  • Smell bad (try bicarb and vinegar to clean them first)

Keep a few to give away

I find it useful to have a little store of containers that don’t fit with my collection. They can be given away (filled) to friends who come over and they don’t need to be returned. I won’t miss them!

Segregate lids

Once you have checked that all your containers have lids that fit the best way I have found to store them is to keep the lids in a separate place. They are arranged roughly by size in a box just above the actual containers. I can see at a glance which lid I need to use.

Store nested

The main bodies of the containers nest inside each other, saving precious air space in my kitchen.

Store with lids on

If you have the space, or maybe have some gorgeous vintage Tupperware to show off, then storing the containers with the lids on might work well for you. There is something very satisfying in the way the old style orange containers stack on top of each other. If you have it, flaunt it! Personally I prefer the containers to air out so I like the lids off.