Include These In Your Breakfast To Kick Start A Good Day

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Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, we all know that. It just sets you up for how the day will go. Having something good to eat in the morning will kick your metabolism into gear. As well as when having a good breakfast it can just make you start the day a lot happier and healthier. If you start the day rushing about and end up just grabbing something like a processed cereal bar it won’t help you at all and will most likely have a sugar crash about 11 am, it won’t fill you up or give you the energy you need for the day ahead. So, you are setting yourself up for failure already. If you want to have a good day, try and get up a little earlier so you can give yourself time to sit and enjoy a nice breakfast. Here are some ideas to eat in the morning! You could even do a menu plan for the week.

Coffee To Start

Coffee is a go-to in the morning, it will give you that little wake-up you need from the caffeine and you can enjoy it in so many different ways. Although delicious, it can end up costing a fortune if you go to a coffee shop every morning when you fancy a cup of coffee. So why not try to save some money by having it at home? However, investing in some top-quality coffee so it still tastes better than the basic instant stuff. You can buy coffee online from Two Chimps and get it on subscription so you won’t ever run out. Shop here:

All The Eggs

Eggs are a good choice for breakfast, you can use them in such a variety of ways and they are quick to cook. Eggs are full of protein. This means that they will keep you fuller for longer. You can have eggs in so many ways. A top tip is to try to have some form of vegetable with them, however, you cook them and try to add them into the dish to help reach your 5 a day and get as many nutrients as you can. You could try making:

  • Baked egg in an avocado
  • Scrambled eggs with spinach on toast
  • Vegetable omelette
  • Fried egg and tomato bagel
  • Healthy full English 

Yogurt To Build On

We mean the plain and simple ones like natural or greek yogurt, not the full of sugar fromage frais. The plain and simple ones are full of probiotics that keep your gut healthy. They are also full of protein which will reduce hunger feelings and keep you feeling fuller for longer. It doesn’t have to be boring and eaten on its own though. You can add all sorts of things like fruit, honey, nuts, and anything you want. Even a little bit of dark chocolate to make it extra tasty. Although best to try to keep it food that is healthy and will give you good nutrients for the start of the day and don’t forget to add in some of your 5 a day!