In January 2020 we lost an important member of our community at less-stuff.

Dina Newton-Edwards was a regular contributor to the Facebook group and her unique combination of quirky wit and wise words made a difference to our lives. She wrote a series of Dina Days and gave me permission to publish them on the site. I’m so grateful to be able to share them.

This page is for us to express our feelings about Dina.

If you want to add your message, please edit this Google Doc and I will add your words as soon as possible.

Dina made a huge difference to our lives in the less-stuff group. Despite living with the huge challenge of MND she approached her problems with strength and humour. If I could live my life with a tenth of the attitude of Dina I’d be a better person. Lisa

When I think about Dina I think about her lust for life, her warm heart, and her determination to make the best out of an incredibly tough period. I’ll miss her lively spark and the promise she radiated that things CAN be better. Angela