Dina Day! Wardrobe Wednesday

Note this day on your calendars, it’s a rare event: a brand new Dina Day! You lucky people – ha ha. I wanted to do one a few days ago but couldn’t manage it. BUT now I can. Yippee. 😁 So, hold on to your hats, it’s Wardrobe Wednesday. Since I was admitted to hospital in the summer, my wardrobe has suffered a major malfunction. By malfunction I mean that ‘someone’ I.e. my partner, doesn’t understand the concept of putting clothes away. It’s reached a point where I am having to pay someone help me get all of my clothing sorted. SO, today is your chance to begin tidying and sorting those clothes that never normally make it into the wardrobe. After all, you don’t want to have to pay someone to sort it, do you?

Lisa Cole

Dina Days!

Dina is a member of the less-stuff community who, with her unusual sense of humour, has discovered a flair for writing amusing decluttering challenges, which we call 'Dina Days'. She has given me permission to put them on the website so they don't get lost in Facebook.

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