Fab Four Friday

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to NTW, otherwise known as Nearly The Weekend or, as we call it in The Best Group In All Of Facebook, Fab Four Friday. And, what do you think of when you hear the words ‘The Fab Four’? Oh no, nothing as boring as The Beatles (so pass√©, dahling!), we are talking about Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Ah, but perhaps you use a different mantra while trying to reduce waste and declutter? Perhaps something along the lines of: oh, bother it, I had a great one earlier this morning but now I’ve forgotten it! [Sorry for posting late. I was looking through some photos from a very special trip to Sydney in 2013, trying to decide which one to use, including this one which I took at Taronga Zoo, and drifted off into some lovely memories.]

Today’s prompt is a reminder of a mantra to help you avoid accumulating packaging but also to encourage you to think of other ways to use that packaging, rather than just throwing it away. ????

Lisa Cole

Dina Days!

Dina was a member of the less-stuff community who, with her unusual sense of humour, has discovered a flair for writing amusing decluttering challenges, which we call 'Dina Days'. She died after a short illness but gave  me permission to put her words of wisdom on the website. I'm honoured to be able to keep her with us in this way. Lisa