less stuff decluttering

How to get over clutter overwhelm and declutter easily

In a nutshell – it’s possible to become so daunted with a decluttering task that you never start. Here are 5 easy ways to get over that block.

The very idea of turning out whole boxes of clutter and going through them all at once, fills me with a dread so bad I don’t get further that turning on Netflix and worrying about it later. It is easy to get into a cycle of not dealing with it unless it’s broken down into very small and easy tasks, each one to be rewarded with a cup of tea. If you dip into a clutter mountain at regular intervals and just take out a few things you will start to see a difference sooner than you thought possible.

less stuff decluttering

1 – Aim low

Aim to get rid of 5 things a day, just 5. If the thought of 5 things is too much for you then just get rid of one thing a day. Any movement towards decluttering is better than ignoring it. Have a box for the charity shop stuff on the go and get the recycling and rubbish out of your house as soon as you can.

2 – Get rid of the rubbish

Clutter is often composed of total junk you clearly do not need. Magazines that are years out of date but not so old as to be interesting. Packaging from long gone appliances, single socks or gloves, pens that don’t work and out of date medicine are all things that just take up space in your home. Spend the occasional 5 minutes just skimming off the rubbish from your clutter collection so you can see the stuff you need to think about underneath.

If something makes you feel bad, that counts as rubbish too, you don’t need to keep things around you that make you feel bad in any way.

declutter bad feelings

3 – Do one area at a time

One shelf, one box, one corner… just choose one area to work on for a few minutes. If you are stuck for an idea or don’t know where to start there are loads of easy decluttering guides here.

4 – Make it a habit

What habits do you have already? Brushing your teeth? You can check the bathroom cabinet for clutter at the same time. Boiling a kettle? Check a kitchen drawer. If you can hook a decluttering habit into an existing one it will get established quickly and pretty soon you won’t have to remember to do it.

If you like the idea of trying a new, easier way of decluttering then my book ‘The Elephants in the Room’ is perfect for you. It walks you through the process, will help you discover the best times to declutter and teach you how to maintain a simple decluttering habit.

The Elephants in the Room

5 – Do not reclutter

Just say no! Avoid shops, take less money out, write lists…. do anything in your power to stop yourself from getting more stuff.

Don’t just read about it

Try it out! Right now, wherever you are (unless you are in a supermarket because that will probably be frowned upon). Just look around you and see if there are 5 things that instantly stand out as total rubbish, not needed, liked or useful.

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