Have you got a box ready for your clutter?

Do you know where you are getting rid of your box when it is full?

In danger of re-cluttering? Read this…

How this works

How long will it take?

You will need to commit to 5 minutes a day for 5 days.

Can I do more?

If you want to declutter more than 5 things a day that is great, but don’t get carried away. Decluttering 5 things a day is a nice, easy, gentle way to regain control over your home.

What happens if decluttering brings up strong emotions?

Sometimes things we have around us can hold strong memories. If something you would like to de-clutter holds a memory that you’re not ready to process yet, that’s fine. It’s perfectly ok to leave it until you have the support you need to do so.

How do I start?

Step 1

Find a cardboard box, or a carrier bag that can be hung up somewhere. This is perfect for people with nosy animals or children who like unpacking boxes!

Step 2

Sign up to your local Freecycle, or Freegle, which ever is more active in your area. These are of course free and they are full of people willing to collect your unwanted stuff. Alternatively, have a charity shop in mind to donate your clutter to at the end of the week.

What will I need to do?

During the course of the week you will be filling your box or bag with things you no longer need.

The quickest way to get rid of it is to offer it as a random box of car boot bits and get a Freecycler to come and collect it.

Because this is a short introduction to easy decluttering methods it is important to get rid of things quickly, there will be time after to put things you want to sell on Ebay or whatever.

With this in mind, you will not be decluttering anything with a reasonable re-sale value in the 5 days.

Now it’s time to choose an area to work on today!

5 quick ways to declutter Gmail

In a nutshell - tackling a Gmail mountain can be daunting. Here are 5 quick ways of decluttering your email if it is on Google Mail. Unsubscribe If you unsubscribe to just one thing when you open your email, that will be one less thing ...
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yahoo sort by sender

5 quick ways to declutter Yahoo email

In a nutshell - email can mount up really quicky and very suddenly become totally unmanageable. Here are just 5 easy ways of sorting your email if it is on Yahoo. Unsubscribe Get into the habit of unsubscribing to something every time you open up your ...
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5 ways to stop paper getting into your house

5 ways to stop waste paper getting into your house

1) Stop the junk mail. Other than put a sign on your door there are a few strategies you can take to stop the junk mail at source. If you are in the UK you can register with the Mail Preference Service. This is free and ...
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declutter books and magazines

Books and magazines

Books are beautiful things. There is nothing quite like the smell of a new book, freshly opened and I love the anticipation of losing myself in a different world for a short time. I'm not a fan of Kindles although if you do get on with ...
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declutter jeweller

Control and declutter your jewellery collection painlessly

My collection of jewellery is not exactly the crown jewels. There are things in it that are precious to me but worthless, and even more things that are worthless to me and the rest of the world too! These tips will help you get rid of ...
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dealing with hallway clutter

Dealing with hallway clutter and dumping grounds

There was a question in the Facebook group this week that was worth turning into an article. One of our lovely group members said they had a problem with the hallway. Stuff piled up as she took it in and out of her bag and dumped ...
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The easy way to declutter cosmetics

Declutter Cosmetics and Toiletries Easily

There is no need to keep moisturiser just because it cost a lot of money if it doesn’t work for you. There is no need to keep out of date mascara or gloopy nail varnish. There is no need to keep gift sets of bath stuff ...
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Declutter crockery the easy way

Declutter Crockery and Cutlery

There is a theory that if you have less dishes you do less washing up. I’m not sure that is true but I do know that I generally don’t need more than 6 plates. I can always get paper plates (which my compost bin will love) ...
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declutter the fridge

Declutter the fridge and freezer

Is your fridge covered in magnets and piled high with stuff? What else do you use your fridge door for? If you use magnets to hold notes and coupons there now might be a good time to check that all the notes and coupons are in ...
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declutter pants and bras

Declutter Underwear, Pants and Bras

This can be a very easy and a very difficult challenge at the same time. Underwear can cost a lot and it hurts me to part with it even when it no longer fits because it has stretched or my shape has changed. Old bras can ...
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declutter gift wrap

Declutter wrapping paper and packaging

It is a good plan to have a reserve of birthday cards, wrapping paper and cardboard boxes just in case. However, there is no need to have an entire shop full of the stuff. Are you keeping it for the memories? I kept a huge gift ...
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food label safety

Declutter your leftovers into something delicious

If you have lots of odds and ends in your food cupboards and fridge this decluttering prompt will give you ideas to use them up. You might find it helpful to look at the Food and Drink prompt first so you can identify food you really ...
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Decluttering cold weather clothes

The best time to go through your cold weather clothes is in early Spring, when you still remember how cold it gets. It’s easy to chuck out a great winter coat in July because snow, wind and rain are such a distant memory. If you are ...
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declutter for a big move

Decluttering for a big move with less stress

Less-stuff is all about small actions you can make towards an easier life. Sometimes though, small actions are not enough and if you only have a few weeks before a big move, decluttering 5 items a day will not work. Here are some ideas for making ...
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decluttering handbags

Decluttering Handbags in Easy Steps

While it might be tempting to turn out a handbag and sort through all of it, sometimes that is so daunting it stops us from starting. If this is the case try a very quick declutter of the most obvious junk in your bag. Dip in ...
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declutter hobbies stash

Decluttering hobbies, crafts and materials

Most people I know have some sort of hobby, it could be card making, crochet, baking, gardening, home brewing…...anything you do with your hands that needs materials counts for todays prompt. If you are genuinely going to use the materials in the future, if they mean ...
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declutter kitchen drawers

Decluttering Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen drawers are famously terrible places for clutter to gather and party, it's time for you to come down heavy on them and stop their fun. It may be that you do actually use the special tool that makes carrots into spirals, or the toffee hammer, ...
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decluttering shelves

Decluttering shelves in 5 minutes

Less-stuff is not about chucking everything out and leading a minimalistic lifestyle, it's about choosing with intent the things you keep around you. If everyone else around you thinks something is hideous, but it means something to you, has good memories and makes you happy then ...
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Decluttering tips for people with too many clothes

I love clothes. I even love clothes that are on my rail that I never wear. I get literal goosebumps when I look at some fabric patterns and I love the way natural fabrics feel. I am not a candidate for a minimal wardrobe! Clothes can ...
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decluttering tips for under the sink

Decluttering under the sink

Things decluttered from under sinks are not often things that other people want so have a bin handy, or your recycling box at the ready. Open the cupboard door, peer inside and grab 5 things you no longer need. They will be easy to spot. Ask ...
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see things from a different viewpoint

Different ways of looking at things

As soon as someone comes into my home I start to notice things that really didn't bother me before. Socks on the radiator stand out like beacons! You can apply this logic to decluttering by just changing the angle you see your home from. There is ...
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declutter bad feelings

Does clutter make you feel good or bad?

Stuff is wonderful and lovely when it brings you happiness and joy, it's ok to have stuff, this is not an exercise in minimalism. There is no point having things in our homes that remind us of bad times though; why would we want a little ...
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declutter food and drink

Food and Drink Clutter

Today is the day to look for food and drink that is past it’s use by date or that you just don’t like. It’s easy to go food shopping and buy 2 for 1’s and then realise you don’t like it in the first place. Christmas ...
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declutter things that don't fit

Getting rid of things that don’t fit

Today we are going to face clothes that don't fit, or ones we are saving for when they are back in fashion. My weight fluctuates between 2 sizes during the month like a lot of people so I keep a couple of sizes of clothes but ...
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how to sort out boxes of mixed clutter

Have you got bags and boxes of mixed clutter

I don't know anyone who is free of these boxes of miscellaneous clutter. They contain everything from vital paperwork to useless bits of tat. We have been talking about sorting out our clutter boxes in the less-stuff Facebook group this week. They are our clutterbags, clutterboxes, ...
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declutter jam jars

Have you got too many jam jars? This is how to declutter them

Are you hoarding jam jars? Jam jars are generally pretty easy to come by. Round here I swap my home made jam with the neighbours marmalade. I buy honey, peanut butter and olives, all in jars. When they are empty I wash them and bung them ...
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declutter broken things

How to declutter broken stuff easily

Broken could just mean that the batteries need changing, but are you really going to get round to that before they corrode? If something needs a bit of minor stitching or gluing someone else might be able to face doing it with a fresh mind so ...
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declutter films and dvds

How to declutter films and DVD’s easily

With this prompt you have to ask yourself if you can find what you like when you want it. If the answer is no then it might help you to let go of things you don't really need. There is no need to pull your entire ...
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How to Keep your Kids Clutter Free

In a nutshell – keeping the clutter down when you have children around can be really hard. Here are a few tips to keep things under control. I am the mother of a hoarder. As a teenager he is trained to text me before dragging home ...
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tupperware clutter

Keeping Tupperware and plastic containers under control

You know when you open a cupboard and an explosion of plastic comes tumbling out? Tupperware type containers seem to breed if not kept in check occasionally and they can be tricky to keep under control. Despite trying to lead a plastic free life there are ...
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Letting go and decluttering old study material

In a nutshell - Who said you have to get rid of everything? Who are the clutter police anyway? It is totally fine to keep things if they make you happy but ditch them if they don't. I still have my thesis, 25 years at least ...
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long term storage decluttering tips

Quick and easy storage cuboard decluttering

Do you keep things in storage? If you have places in your home where you keep things you don't often need, try this as a method for keeping it all in check. It could be under the stairs, outside in a shed or even your bedside ...
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declutter bowls boxes and baskets

Quickly declutter bowls, boxes and baskets

The trouble is that I think that putting something in a box will make my house tidy. What it actually does is hide stuff away and unless you designate places for these little things it very quickly gets out of hand. Bowls and boxes are magnets ...
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quick paperwork decluttering tips

Start dealing with your paperwork

If you work from home, are a member of any groups, subscribe to magazines or even just get the occasional Saturday paper it is really easy to collect a huge amount of paperwork in a very short time. Today's prompt will give you a strategy to ...
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decluttering houseplants

Tips for keeping houseplants and flowers clutter free

If you have plants around the house and they are all thriving and happy this is not the decluttering prompt for you. If you have one or two that look a little sorry, or a bunch of flowers that is getting straggly then read on...... Cut ...
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who wants your mismatched mugs

Who wants your old mismatched mugs?

This is a crowd sourced post with loads of amazing ideas from the less-stuff Facebook group. Heather asked "Is there anywhere that appreciates old mugs? They are clean and unchipped but odd. I can’t imagine the local charity shops wanting them but it seems wrong to ...
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decluttering handy things

Will it really come in handy one day or should you declutter it?

Once upon a time I saw a brilliant project to make a dragon out of loo rolls. I cut it out of the magazine and put it ‘somewhere safe’. By the time I had collected 4 carrier bags of loo rolls I had forgotten where I ...
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declutter unfinished things

Will you really finish it?

Are there books you mean to finish? Can you even remember the plot? Some books are worth reselling on Amazon but you can usually find most anything you want in a charity shop for £1 or less. If it's not been read, chances are it won't ...
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